Great Branding starts with a great story. Your story.
And here, that story is told through a unique visual language, built just for you.

In ela gabriela design, each action is performed with intention – and that also goes for the design process. Here, working together will never feel vague and unclear. Each step is bringing you closer to your vision.

1. Meet

The first meeting is all about understanding. Getting to know the brand, the vision, the origin story, the creator's passion. That’s when the so-called disorderly structured conversation takes place, sharing first thoughts and ideas.

2. Define

This step is all about determining the needs and grouping the various requests together to form a holistic communication case. Through strategic thinking and direct communication, we build the basis of each project together.

3. Research

The studio proceeds with thorough research on each case, drawing inspiration from multiple disciplines and analyzing the mannerisms of symbols, colors and forms.

4. Make

This is the fun part! The part your story comes to life. The studio creates the design with impeccable attention to detail, bringing your vision to life.

5. Present

This is the moment you and your story first meet. First impressions?

6. Remake

In this step, we discuss the outcome and work together (if necessary) to optimize it and bring it even closer to your vision.

7. Move up

This is where we discuss further communication needs and map a plan for the brand’s future steps.

8. Keep me posted

We share your enthusiasm and eagerness for the final result. That’s why the studio has a Full Update Approach, with frequent communications updating you on your project in every step of the way.

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