Gabriela Dule is the founder of ela gabriela design and is based in Offenbach am Main, Germany. She is holding a Bachelor's degree in Communication Design from the University of West Attica and is experienced in a variety of design fields, from branding and packaging to digital and web design.

Gabriela's designs have an eye for classic elements with a twist, with known elements meeting totally new ways to exist, forming something excitingly unique. Her design is conscious and functional, with a strong no-frill approach that helps keep the visual messages to the point. Combining the free and organic forms of her Mediterranean roots with the elegant and precise approach of Scandinavian design, Gabriela's designs are aiming to serve both usability and emotion. This unique mix is then further enhanced with inventive color palettes that express a story with intention, as well as carefully curated typography that brings the elements together in one cohesive, universal narrative.

Gabriela draws inspiration from nature and its iconic patterns: the sun, the shadow, the forms and antiforms that are created from each other's peaceful yet sharp co-existence.
She is also inspired by new cultures and new people, travelling to new parts of the world, collecting stories to cherish and share.

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